Unlocking B2B payments revenue.

World’s simplest hospitality payment solution. Generate revenue whilst doing what you do best.

Embedded Payments

Kovena: your alternative to
in-house payments

We provide a best-in-class payments infrastructure on which B2B hospitality industry operators (SaaS providers) can build, manage and monetize their own payments stack.

Built for hospitality

High growth hospitality-tech companies need the flexibility to add or switch payment services whenever needed. Use a single API to connect to multiple payment gateways and services.

Process payments worldwide

Expand your business into new markets now. Integrate once and orchestrate over 25 payment gateways across the globe instantly.

Reduce compliance risk

Benefit from our secure, PCI compliant infrastructure by keeping sensitive data off your servers and tokenized in our secure, portable card vault.

Payments Team

Expertise, without the expense

The hospitality industry payments space is a complex, dynamic and ever-changing environment. Kovena’s team will support your organisation to ensure you remain SOC I and SOC II, PCI-Level 1, and GDPR compliant- without you needing to develop in-house payments expertise. 

Growth Advisory

Building adoption & engagement

Implementing payments is only the start, getting your customers to sign-up and then working with them to capture a larger portion of their transactions is key to unlocking additional revenue. Our growth team are experts in the accommodation, tours, restaurants and destination marketing areas and will work with your teams to accelerate your growth.   

Easy to Switch

Integrate once, solve payments forever. 

Kovena is connected to over 25 payment gateways around the world, reducing the transition friction for your customers. They can keep using the gateways they’re used to, whist you can centralise everything with one API.

Let’s talk payments.

If you’re a SaaS provider to the hospitality industry with 200+ customers using your platform (free or paid), we’d love to chat about how we can unlock $1m+ ARR for you by embedding payments in your revenue stack. 

Specialised hospitality-tech solution

Monetise your B2B payments

Fuel your growth with additional revenue